Playing Rules

  • During first four overs the fielding side must have no more than two fielders outside the ring
  • During first four overs the fielding side must have one catcher (excluding the wicketkeeper)
  • For final 16 overs the fielding side can have a maximum of four fielders outside the ring
  • Maximum 4 overs per bowler

League Format

  • Franchises will play each other once on a round robin basis
  • Qualification for Finals Day after the league phase is:
    • 1st – Progress straight to final
    • 2nd – Qualifies for semi-final
    • 3rd – Qualifies for semi-final
    • 4th – Knocked out
  • The semi-final and final will both take place on Finals Day
  • Points are awarded as follows:
    • Win = 4 points
    • Loss = 0 points
    • Abandonment (both games must be called off to apply) = 2 points
    • Bonus points (losing teams only):
      • 120+ runs = 1 point
      • 7+ wickets = 1 point
  • There will be a Super Over in the event of a tie
  • A side is all out in a Super Over after three wickets have fallen


  • Games will take place consecutively, one Sunday a month
  • The first game will begin at 13:00, followed by the second match at 16:00 (this is subject to change)
  • No more than 10 minutes between innings
  • It is the responsibility of the franchises contesting the first match to set up the ground (boundary, stumps etc)
  • Each franchise is expected to supply one umpire for their fixtures
  • Two new balls per match (pink)

Luxury Players

  • A Luxury Player is defined as any player not in the CCC draft pool or on a Social League roster
  • There are no limits to the number of Luxury Players a franchise can sign
  • There can be no more than two Luxury Players named in any CPL XI
  • Once a Luxury Player has played for one franchise, he is cup tied for all other franchises for the rest of the competition