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CPL Round One – Sunday 21st May

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The wait for fast-paced, frenetic, six-hitting CPL action, complete with coloured kit and walk out songs, is over.

The first round of matches takes place this Sunday 21st May, kicking off at 1pm with Gogmore Knights against Grove Armada. Then, at 4pm Meads Enforcers do battle against Bourne Stars.

There will be plenty to keep the crowd entertained. Our bar will open at 12:30pm, the extremely popular burger van will be pitching up at 3:30pm and for every catch taken in the crowd (excluding players in the current match) there will be a £10 bar voucher to use that day.

The teams for both games are below so make sure your in place for the start at 1pm and the first crowd catch!

GAME ONE - 13:00 Start

J. Ogle (c)
J. Taylor
J. Richards
L. Robertson
W. Smith
R. Redmond
J. Anthony
C. Wakefield
M. Nuti
E. Miah
A. Dillon (Lux)
An. Powlesland (C)
B. Erasmus (Lux)
Ja. Loveridge
M. Wiggins
R. Ley
J. Dodd (Lux)
D. Sloan
L. Fisher
S. Toone
D. Shepherd
R. Boast
J. Chapman
K. Menon
M. Sellars

GAME TWO - 16:00 Start

B. Hanger (c)
P. Boast
S. Smith
Troy Bolger
T. Drage
L. Westcott
C. Skelton Jr
D. Perks Jr
A. Inwood (Lux)
H. Nuti
R. Patel
G. Burton (c)
D. Risk
Z. Mehtab
M. Main (Lux)
M. Dunn (Lux)
J. Baldwin
S. Eagles
J. Clarke
J. Bailey
J. Perks
J. Jackman

CPL Squads Set

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It was a lively and eventful inaugural CPL draft on Friday night, as the four franchises spent their (fictional) cash and filled their playing rosters for the season.

As you’ll see from the below list of squads, Meads Enforcers were the big spenders on the night, landing 1st XI players Jake Taylor and Luke Westcott for a combined £15m (three quarters of their entire budget).

Grove Armada chose to spend little and often and picked up the most players through the auction section, with nine purchases.

Bourne Stars made new overseas player Wade Cupido their big buy, while adding last year’s Batting Award winner Zeeshan Mehtab for £5m.

Meanwhile, Gogmore Knights put their faith in youth. Five of the seven players bought by the franchise are aged under 30.

The Genet Social League sides were also allocated to each franchise, the result of which can be seen below. All that’s left now is to get underway and the competition’s fixtures can be found here.

Result Of Players Meeting Vote

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As you’ll all know, the club has been considering the future of the Saturday senior sides and investigating a switch from the Surrey Championship to the Thames Valley Cricket League.

A very well attended and discussed players meeting culminated with a secret ballot on Friday 31st March with the following three options:

1) Remain in Surrey Championship

2) Leave for Thames Valley League

3) I Don’t Mind

The results showed a clear majority view, with 30 votes registered for remain, three for leave and three for I don’t mind.

At their monthly meeting on Wednesday 5th April, the committee took the results of this vote as an overwhelming show of support for keeping our Surrey Championship status and will not pursue a switch to the Thames Valley Cricket League, at this moment in time.

However, to preserve the wider best interests of the club, it is necessary to safeguard against decisions in the Surrey Championship, such as moving match start times. The club must therefore start to take a more active involvement in league meetings and AGMs.

The club also failed to register a view on whether we would support a proposal for an increase in limited over cricket. Club captains will be encouraged to attend these meetings or, in their absence, nominate a replacement.

CPL Draft Night: How Will It Work?

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It’s almost time to divide the club into quarters in preparation for the inaugural CPL season. If you have no idea what CPL stands for, or what this new Sunday-based competition is, click here to brush up.

In the meantime, as we’re starting to get a few enquiries as to how draft night will work, here’s a guide:


• The purpose of the draft is to fill each CPL roster with 16 CCC players.

• CCC players who made more than one senior Saturday appearance last season are automatically eligible to be drafted. Click here to view the full list.

• The night will be split into two parts:
o A live auction
o A behind-closed-doors draft

The Auction

• Each franchise has a fictional £20m to spend

• There are no limits to the amount of players a franchise can buy

• The auction ends when each franchise runs out of cash

The Behind-Closed-Doors Draft

• The players that have not been bought at auction will then be drafted

• These players are available at no cost to the franchise

• Franchises will pick round-robin until each squad has 16 players

• The franchise who bought the most players in the auction gets first choice in the draft


We have split the night like this to add a strategy and excitement. Rather than blindly picking the best player available, captains will now have to think more about squad balance and budget, which should make for a much more interesting event.

Social league teams (minus the academy) will also be assigned to each franchise on draft night. This will be done at random. Each social league team’s entire squad (minus any players that have been bought or drafted) are added to the CPL Franchise roster. It is down to the CPL captain to co-ordinate with his social league teams to gauge interest and availability to play.

Jobs for pre-season work day

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Pre-season work day is on Saturday 8th April at 10am. Any time volunteers can spare us to help prepare for the season is greatly appreciated and we’ll be opening the bar and showing the Grand National once we’re finished!

Here are the initial list of jobs that need to be taken care of:

1.Tables in the garage need to be put out

2.Far Ditch – Debris needs raking and putting on the fire. Parts of the outfield need clearing also

3.Players Jobs Only:
Canvas needs to go onto the cover frames
Slats currently in the Garage need to be put back onto the sightscreen
Sightscreens need to be moved into position
If we don`t see any players on the day these three jobs will not take place until we do

4.Border next to the kitchen needs sorting, trimming, weeding and edging

5.Jet wash patio

6.The grass in front of the Patio wall needs strimming

7.The concrete area where the bins are needs sweeping

8.Artificial wicket – should only need edging

9.Nets – All the nets need dropping

10.Nets next to the Garage – Surface needs sweeping and nets tying back

Tools Required:
Springbock Rakes
Short Handled and Long Handled Shears
Stiff Brooms

Players Meeting Part II

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You may have heard on the grapevine that the committee has been looking into options regarding Saturday cricket and the league that we play in. Well, you’d be right! We have been researching options other than the Surrey Championship League and have come up with an alternative in the Thames Valley League. The decision to change leagues will be made by the committee but, being the all-inclusive club we are, we didn’t want to make a decision without asking the playing membership what it thought.

There are valid reasons for staying and for leaving. I will try and impartially lay these out for you over the next few days in a separate email so you have all the information to hand.

There will be a meeting on FRIDAY 31st MARCH at the club starting at 7pm where you can either have your say or simply listen to other players’ ideas. The meeting will culminate with a secret ballot at 8pm when you will need to register a vote as follows:

1/ Stay in Surrey Championship

2/ Move to Thames Valley League

3/ Don’t mind either way

Although the final decision will be made by the committee, it’s important that you have your say and that the committee knows it has the support of the majority of the club.

I will chair the meeting but will be impartial and will not be offering argument for any side. The meeting will be open to all members and within reason everyone can have their say. Voting will be restricted to playing members. If you really cannot make the hour of the meeting you can apply to me to have a proxy vote whereby you can nominate a player to vote for you.

This does not affect the junior playing sides, only the senior Saturday league teams.

It’s your club – have your say.

Many thanks

Mark Nuti


Ground help Saturday 11th March

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Mr Murray Sanger, our wonderful groundsman, has requested some help with the ground this coming Saturday 11th March.

He’d like volunteers to help clear the far side of the outfield of all the debris that has accumulated during the winter, mainly small branches, twigs and leaves which can be left on the fire near the garage.

It should take no more than one hour, starting at 10am. Anyone with a springbok (yeah, us neither) and leaf rakes are encouraged to bring those along.

BBQ help

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Do you know anyone in catering?

We’re looking for someone to pitch up and sell burgers on Thursday and Friday nights during the season. This is independant from the club and a chance to earn good money during our two busiest nights of the week.

If you know of anyone that may be interested in this please contact us on

Introducing our new Sunday captain

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Chertsey Cricket Club is embarking upon a new era of Sunday cricket this season. We will be launching a new inter-club T20 tournament in a couple of weeks (keep your eyes peeled for more on that) and are pleased to announce the appointment of our new captain of the senior Sunday side too.

Jack Lloyd has been a fixture of the Sunday XI for the past few seasons, winning the team’s Best Player Award in 2014. He has expressed a real passion and desire to step into the captaincy role this summer and has been appointed by the committee this week.

The club are looking to push the standard of Sunday cricket forward this season and it will be Jack’s responsibility to ensure games are played in the right spirit and in a competitive manner.

It’s vital that Jack gets a great deal of support in his new role, so availability and commitment will be key. We wish him every success for the coming campaign.