Result Of Players Meeting Vote

By 7th April 20172017 News, Club

As you’ll all know, the club has been considering the future of the Saturday senior sides and investigating a switch from the Surrey Championship to the Thames Valley Cricket League.

A very well attended and discussed players meeting culminated with a secret ballot on Friday 31st March with the following three options:

1) Remain in Surrey Championship

2) Leave for Thames Valley League

3) I Don’t Mind

The results showed a clear majority view, with 30 votes registered for remain, three for leave and three for I don’t mind.

At their monthly meeting on Wednesday 5th April, the committee took the results of this vote as an overwhelming show of support for keeping our Surrey Championship status and will not pursue a switch to the Thames Valley Cricket League, at this moment in time.

However, to preserve the wider best interests of the club, it is necessary to safeguard against decisions in the Surrey Championship, such as moving match start times. The club must therefore start to take a more active involvement in league meetings and AGMs.

The club also failed to register a view on whether we would support a proposal for an increase in limited over cricket. Club captains will be encouraged to attend these meetings or, in their absence, nominate a replacement.

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