Players Meeting Part II

By 20th March 20172017 News, Club

You may have heard on the grapevine that the committee has been looking into options regarding Saturday cricket and the league that we play in. Well, you’d be right! We have been researching options other than the Surrey Championship League and have come up with an alternative in the Thames Valley League. The decision to change leagues will be made by the committee but, being the all-inclusive club we are, we didn’t want to make a decision without asking the playing membership what it thought.

There are valid reasons for staying and for leaving. I will try and impartially lay these out for you over the next few days in a separate email so you have all the information to hand.

There will be a meeting on FRIDAY 31st MARCH at the club starting at 7pm where you can either have your say or simply listen to other players’ ideas. The meeting will culminate with a secret ballot at 8pm when you will need to register a vote as follows:

1/ Stay in Surrey Championship

2/ Move to Thames Valley League

3/ Don’t mind either way

Although the final decision will be made by the committee, it’s important that you have your say and that the committee knows it has the support of the majority of the club.

I will chair the meeting but will be impartial and will not be offering argument for any side. The meeting will be open to all members and within reason everyone can have their say. Voting will be restricted to playing members. If you really cannot make the hour of the meeting you can apply to me to have a proxy vote whereby you can nominate a player to vote for you.

This does not affect the junior playing sides, only the senior Saturday league teams.

It’s your club – have your say.

Many thanks

Mark Nuti


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