Membership / New Members Welcome

Whether you are a senior player, a family with colt cricketers or simply a social spectator, we have a membership to suit you.

To become a member of the club for 2017 please fill out the form below. You can choose to pay online via Paypal or stick to traditional methods like cash, cheque or BACS payments. Whatever you choose, filling out the form will ensure you have a membership number for the season.

Social membership has been reopened for 2017. However, all new applications MUST be proposed by an existing CCC member to be accepted.

Membership Rates 2017

Senior Members (Over 21)£120
Intermediate Members (18-21)£80
Junior Members (Under 18)£50
Second Junior Members (Same Family)£30
Third Junior Members (Same Family)£20
Blue Caps (School Years 1 & 2)£25
Social Members (Non Playing)£10
Couple's Social Membership (Non Playing)£15

Match Fees 2017

Senior / Intermediate (Saturday League) 1st / 2nd XI£10
Senior / Intermediate (Saturday League) 3rd XI£8
Senior / Intermediate (Saturday Non-League & Sunday)£5
Junior (Senior Matches)£4
Junior (Junior Matches)£3

Membership Form