CPL Draft Night: How Will It Work?

By 5th April 20172017 News, Club

It’s almost time to divide the club into quarters in preparation for the inaugural CPL season. If you have no idea what CPL stands for, or what this new Sunday-based competition is, click here to brush up.

In the meantime, as we’re starting to get a few enquiries as to how draft night will work, here’s a guide:


• The purpose of the draft is to fill each CPL roster with 16 CCC players.

• CCC players who made more than one senior Saturday appearance last season are automatically eligible to be drafted. Click here to view the full list.

• The night will be split into two parts:
o A live auction
o A behind-closed-doors draft

The Auction

• Each franchise has a fictional £20m to spend

• There are no limits to the amount of players a franchise can buy

• The auction ends when each franchise runs out of cash

The Behind-Closed-Doors Draft

• The players that have not been bought at auction will then be drafted

• These players are available at no cost to the franchise

• Franchises will pick round-robin until each squad has 16 players

• The franchise who bought the most players in the auction gets first choice in the draft


We have split the night like this to add a strategy and excitement. Rather than blindly picking the best player available, captains will now have to think more about squad balance and budget, which should make for a much more interesting event.

Social league teams (minus the academy) will also be assigned to each franchise on draft night. This will be done at random. Each social league team’s entire squad (minus any players that have been bought or drafted) are added to the CPL Franchise roster. It is down to the CPL captain to co-ordinate with his social league teams to gauge interest and availability to play.

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